Friday, October 5, 2007

El 25 de Noviembre

View the monument "El Obelisco Macho" at the following site.
Click the `Image Info' button to read the caption.
Here is another picture of the base of the monument
1.) What would "Pintado en honor a las Hermanas Mirabal" mean?

Hold down the "Control" button and click on this link:
2.) What are the Mirabal Sister's names?
3.) Why is November 25 a particularly important date?

4.) Why were the sisters such an important influence in the Dominican Republic?

Hold down the control button and click this.
5.) Who is the author of the book mentioned in the article?

6.) Why would the Dominican people see this book as problematic?

7.) What is the subject of the book?

Read these sections from the following article. `Rise to Power', `Family Life', the `Parsley Massacre' and `His Death'.

9.) With whom did Trujillo train in a military capacity?

10.) What sorts of tactics did he use in order to maintain his control over the people?

11.) Why was `The Parsley Massacre' hypocritical for Trujillo?

12.) Who supplied the weapons for Trujillo's assassination?

View this picture. Be sure to click the `Image Info' button.
13.) Why is this car in a museum?

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