Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can you spare a dollar for whirled peas?

3rd round of mentor presentations for the NUF program today. In an interesting twist of fate, I've not been chosen for any of the mentorships available for this round. I did sign up for Nexus, the company doing work to bring healthier lifestyles to school aged children in the NYC community, beginning with a beverage replacement initiative, complete with a wide range of possibilities for interaction at a great number of city government and local business/sports/health organizations. I signed up for this one, I think I have quite a bit to contribute, especially seeing as how they mentioned absolutely nothing into the foreign language markets directly where the diabetes and asthma populations are greatest, and taking into account my extensive work within the schools system. None of which, by the way includes my understanding of social media, etc. However, I'm absolutely certain that our fearless leader has a general plan for us, and he wouldn't lead us purposefully astray. And now for more stats; today it's chi-square tests and nail biting over whether or not we passed the midterm because we're not getting it back until next week. Here's hoping...

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