Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't mess with my cheddar

This past week has been full of adventures, despite the very interesting interview on Friday. Scuttlebutt has it that a pair of mice ran through a couple of our classmates' rooms in the SVA dorms, and caused quite the sensation. The young ladies whose rooms were effected summarily brought the incident to the attention of the dorm's operators, the program director, and everyone in the class. This dovetailed into a blizzard of discussions over lifetimes of mouse sightings, mouse traps, Dr. Dré's having taken turns with removing mice from his apartment with his sister while they were growing up in Harlem waaaayyy back in the day, etc. I've had to remove my fair share of intruders in my day, but not since the girls have come to live with me, and the building has been renovated (knock on wood). However, No sooner had these conversations begun than I remembered this amusing little video:

The other thing I'm rather excited about, despite the fact that I hadn't the actual coin to get into the official viewing area, is that I was able to witness the first ever Red Bull Air Race in New York City standing in Battery Park for free. Since the official viewing area was in Liberty State Park, and the planes were taking off from Teterboro, NJ, the only real obstruction to our view were the water taxis that apparently were unenlightened to the fact that an entire crowd of observers was trying to watch a string of stunt planes rip through a course at around 180 mph, and the ever present haze that manages to consume the intercoastal region on hot, humid days like yesterday. Check out the video of New Yorker Michael Goulian doing a run through the course:

In the end, I guess I'm just a bit like that little kid, who still thinks planes and things with big engines are still pretty cool. Ah well. These guys were amazing though, absolutely unreal.  And now on to Stats...

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