Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to gain friends and influence people

Just got finished with the 'Little Pink House' memo for Prof. Mitchell's class. Today's been a bit wild: it started with getting the clothes clean while watching the Argentina-Germany match for a stunning loss that eliminated El Albiceleste, and had the entire Twitterverse claiming that Mick Jagger was somehow responsible for four of the most devastating losses in the past week.

We've started our PAF 9140 Budgeting class with Prof. Sermier, whose extensive list of accomplishments and impressive titles is enough to give anyone pause. Having worked in 'all three sectors' private, non-profit, and public, he brings a wealth of information and training to the class that will likely end up benefiting us in whatever position we find ourselves. That said, learning to read a balance sheet while adopting his way of thinking is an interesting and unique exercise. I am quite shocked at the flexibility of my own mind - prior to this program, I had come to believe that there was only one set path for me, and that was one entirely strewn with words, their significance, their manipulation, and how that might be turned into a marketable product. Now, after having survived the majority of statistical manipulation, and for the most part comprehending the mathematical computations in the budgeting class, I'm beginning to wonder if I hadn't pigeon-holed myself into a language based thought pattern early and simply never ventured outside of it for some irrational fear of leaving the comfort zone. It should be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

I skipped a barbecue today in order to complete this assignment, but the folks let everyone know that I was working steadily on homework and deadlines. Tomorrow is one I cannot miss, though I'm fairly certain that I should be alright between waking up early and working on the spreadsheet all day. Then all I have to finish is Stats and readings, and I should be back on track. Thankfully, we got paid this week, though Paychex managed to somehow delay our disbursements by a day, which had the entire cohort in a tizzy. But, now with money in hand, bills are getting paid and food is in the fridge. Phew!

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