Saturday, July 24, 2010

The shifting sands of time

This week has been quite the roller coaster ride in terms of emotions. Thursday we had to turn in a batch of case studies (3 total) for budgeting, and this was quite taxing. My classmate and I had already managed to burn through one of them the previous weekend, leaving us, with the highly compressed schedule, only two to complete during the day on Thursday (forward thinking, that) which we did, and finished a full hour before the class was set to start. A good thing too, else we might not have had time to review the case we'd initially done and look for places to improve it, which we did.

There were many bittersweet tears later on in the week, as Friday, in the midst of a seminar on Breakthrough Leadership our Program Director began to pull people out and let them know where they'd been placed. This has also caused a bit of consternation amongst some of the cohort, as those who are in the know have been sworn to secrecy, and are upholding their end of the bargain. But, unfortunately, I'm not one of those, and have to wait until Monday evening, after our last class, when the official lists are handed out. I've been told only that the Godfather has something special in mind for me, and to trust his judgment, which I do, so, I suppose we will see what we shall see. Friday we also had a Q & A session with the outgoing 2010 class, and they provided us with lunch, which was quite the affair. I know that after peppering them about every possible angle for an hour longer than was originally planned, they likely were ecstatic to be leaving, because their last week of classes has been easily as hard if not harder than ours.

At the end of the day, there was a free wine tasting just a few steps from the doors of the campus, which I attended with a few classmates, and we shared some pleasant conversation. The really amusing part of this all though is that, after I left the wine tasting with my classmates, I found myself engaged in an in depth conversation with mom about budgeting and how to design one for her agency's department. I swear, she's going to get charged an hourly rate next time....

Of course, just when we've gotten into the idea of being in New York in the Summer, and spending 9 hours a day with our new family of classmates, we have to uproot ourselves once again, and go off into uncharted waters and try to make our lives work over there. The entire situation reminded me of the following song:

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