Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scenes from Reston

Fair warning, this will be an image heavy post.

That said, I haven't been able to present any of my very interesting photographic evidence of my passing through this section of the country. Most of the vegetative representations are from the Snakeden (a fairly ominous sounding name for a public park, no?) Branch in Fairfax County, Virginia. The stream reconstruction is an interesting little public administration project in and of itself, especially given that Reston is the first of the preplanned communities to ever be built in the country (which I didn't know until I lived here.) In any case, whilst living in the Bronx, I was given to wandering the tree lined pathways in the vicinity of my place near the Botanical Gardens, and photographing the changing leaves. Autumn in Virginia, it seems, is an entirely different affair.

Mom's meatball recipe, my sauce...


PNut looking for a good book

A statue of Apollo on the fountain
in the Reston town Center

I'm used to seeing
'NYC Parks' on everything,
so I had to get this shot.

This purple is fantastic
An explanation of the Snakeden
Restoration effort. Click on
the title of this blog and it will
take you to a page with a more
 in depth history

I love the panorama function on my camera. This is about halfway along the walking path. A couple weeks ago, this field was alive with an infinite number of snapdragons, all of which have curled up and hidden from the cold front that moved through last week. I'll have to grab them in the Spring time.

I'm not going to start with the
 "Two paths diverged..." bit,
but it's interesting to see
how Fall is represented here,
in comparison to the Bronx...

These types of knots always
evoke images of otherworldly
faces yearning for escape...

More meatballs and sauce,
on the veranda

Sheeba in her favorite spot

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