Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jeff, her son...

As promised, I'm adding a few shots from my trip to the Jefferson library, and a couple more from mid-March that show Spring waging a relentless battle to peak through the gloominess of an extended winter (although I really like Winter, Virginia winters are completely unlike the frolicking, hot chocolate necessitating, snow-flaky, snow ball throwing fun fests that are winters in New York. Here, they are just an unending series of broad, immeasurable expanses of gray clouds, unpredictable temperatures, and wind. And noone seems capable of enjoying the experience. Almost to a person I've heard a ceaseless string of complaints since the month of November from neighbors, co-workers, people I've seen at the store. Luckily for the past couple weeks we've been having temperatures trending towards a more spring-like atmosphere. As 4everJung noted in one of her social media posts: "Bring it!"

And now, some photos -

The stairwell to the second floor
Detail of one of the corner elements surrounding the ceiling glass

The ceiling inside of the entryway to Jefferson's personal collection
Stained glass in the ceiling of the main entryway
Detail of the archway over the exterior door

The 6 panels of stained glass in the ceiling
Close up of one of the stained glass panels

Exterior of the library from street level. Notice the Neptune
fountain in the foreground
The Capital building, at dusk. 

A panorama shot of the library's exterior, from street level
A few blossoms along the street leading to my block

Dogwoods, same street.

I don't know the name of these.
But they were pretty

A string of cherry blossoms. Not exactly the
National Mall, but fairly impressive.
A superb effort.